Have you ever lost your precious data, family pictures or important documents due to faulty drives? If you answered yes to the questions above, then that’s where we come in.

We are Ever Higher, a team of IT professionals that are highly experienced and trained in various specialised solutions and tools to recover your lost data. With our pristine clean rooms and workbenches to ensure that there are no foreign particles about when we are working on your storage devices. Utilising advanced data recover tools in house, we are capable of recovering your data from your damaged drives, be it internal drives, external drives, severs, SSDs, NAS, RAID and even mobile devices. With our skills and knowledge, we can confidently claim that we have the highest success rate in data recovery and fastest data recovery delivery in Singapore.

Aside from data recovery, we can also proudly say that with our widely specialised personnel, we can provide repair services for computing devices. We are also capable of designing, integrating and managing entire IT infrastructure for small or medium sized business to assist the business in bringing more stability and productivity to our client’s business.